Created by Jamie Nesbitt & Noah Drew
with Cat Main & Cameron Fraser
in association with Ravi Jain & Samantha Madely

Full production to premiere Summer 2018
Co-produced with Whynot Theatre (Toronto)

Based on Jamie Nesbitt’s real family history, Salamandra tells the story of Jamie inheriting a 150 bedroom castle in Zakopane, Poland. Through his 90-year-old grandfather (the play’s narrator), Jamie learns how his movie star aunt and his minister of war uncle lost Salamandra Castle to the Nazi’s 70 years earlier. Swept up by the past glory of his now-fallen aristocratic family, Jamie begins re-creating Salamandra on stage — part play and part movie. But all is not as it seems. As Jamie dives deeper into the past, a darker side of pre-war Poland begins to appear, shedding new light on his family’s actions. Faced with the difficult task of how to tell the past truthfully, Jamie finds fiction and non-fiction beginning to blur. Salamandra begins to take hold of Jamie, throwing him into a quickly unraveling world where ego, blood, and time collide.

Salamandra has been developed with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Toronto Arts Council and Soulpepper Theatre. It received a work-in-progress staged reading at the 2014 rEvolver Festival in Vancouver

The Riot Ballet

co-produced with
Working Group Theatre (Iowa City, USA)
Barracuda Carmela Theatre (Bogotá, Colombia)

a collective creation
to premiere 2017 in Montreal and Iowa City

The Riot Ballet is an ambitious international theatrical creation about riot, protest, crowd psychology, and our longing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. The first phase of development took place in December 2013 at the Rebellious Subjects conference in Barcelona, Spain. The second phase took place in January 2016 in Montreal, with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Tiny Music

Written and Composed by Noah Drew

premiered in 2014 in Vancouver

Tiny Music is an original “sound design musical” loosely adapted from Shalom Aleichem’s short story “The Fiddle”. The show follows Ezra, a 23-year-old autistic man, who has an auditory-processing disorder that gives him a heightened experience of the sounds around him. Through songs, scenes, and mezmerizing soundscapes, the audience hears through Ezra’s ears as he navigates his way through family dynamics, unconventional passions, and an always-shifting, ever-present, strange and beautiful sonic landscape.

Tiny Music is about individuality and responsibility: what it means to make good choices when what (or who) you love hurts people in your life. It’s about what it means to truly listen — to others, to the world around us, and to ourselves. And most of all, it’s about the inevitability, the human need, the inexplicable holiness — of music.

Tiny Music is grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, Concordia University (Matra Lab and Department of Theatre), and Canadian Actors Equity Association. The piece was initially presented February 25 & 26, 2014 at the Norman Rothstein Theatre (Vancouver) as part of the 2014 Chutzpah Festival, including the involvement of the following artists:

Director, Dramaturge & Set Designer Jamie Nesbitt
Arrangements and Musical Direction by Yawen Wang
Sound Design by Joseph Browne
Lighting Design by John Webber
Costume Design by Naomi Sider

Anton Lipovetsky
Susinn McFarlen
Caitriona Murphy
Bob Bossin

Yawen Wang: piano & accordion
Mike Braverman: clarinet
Jodi Proznick: bass
Jason Overy: drums
Elyse Jacobson: violin
Caitriona Murphy: violin
Joseph Browne: live electronics

Stage Managed by Joanne P.B. Smith
Assistant Stage Managed by Melanie Thompson
Technical Direction by Jayson McLean
Dramaturgical Consultation by John Langs

Many thanks to those individuals who have helped in the development of this piece: Barbara Pollard, Patrick Pennefather, David O’Connor, Ross Beschler, David Gram, Andy Belser, Bob Hedley, Lindsay Reoch, David Nobert, Michael Mercer, Luisa Muir, Natasha Perry-Fagant, Simon Driver, Miriam Cummings, Alexandra Goldman, Mitch Cohen, Daniel Chichagov, Cesar Menendez,  Taryn Boudreau, Stephen Menold and Josh Dolgin. A special thank you to Sarah Shugarman whose enthusiasm and talent influenced the show’s musical identity, and to Josh Epstein who was there at the inception of this project, and whose vision and encouragement infuse the play’s spirit.