Work-in-progress showing of The Riot Ballet in Montreal (January 2016)

Jump Current and our partners companies Working Group Theatre (Iowa City, USA) and La Barracuda Carmela (Bogotá, Colombia), along with a handful of independent artists and thinkers, gathered in Montreal in January 2016  to explore and develop The Riot Ballet – part theatre experience, part living game. Our work together flowed very quickly and productively – by the end of the week, we had a created a 90-minute participatory theatre experience, which we shared with an invited audience of about 40 people, who traveled through a prepared web of environments, encountering scenes, instructions, performative spaces, interactive experiences, and each other.

Collaborators: Angelique Wilkie (Concordia Contemporary Dance), Catalina Medina (Bogotá), Emer O’Toole (Concordia Irish Studies), James Nesbitt (Vancouver), Martin Andrews (New Mexico), and Noah Drew (Concordia Theatre), with consultation from Jonathan Lessard (Concordia Design & Computation Arts) and support from Joseph Browne.

We plan to create and premiere a full production of The Riot Ballet in Montreal late in 2017.

A few images from the initial presentation of Tiny Music

Tiny Music (Feb. 2014) Actors: Anton Lipovetsky, Caitriona Murphy, Susinn McFarlen, Bob Bossin;  Photos: Tim Matheson


Work on The Riot Ballet begins in Barcelona (2013)

From December 9 – 20, 2013, Jump Current joined creation partners Working Group Theatre (Iowa City, USA), La Pell Theatre (Barcelona, Spain), Barracuda Carmela Theatre (Bogotá, Colombia), Stand Up Dance (Toronto, Canada) for an initial 2-week development workshop on The Riot Ballet, an ambitious international c0-creation. We explored ways to merge our diverse theatrical approaches, and began developing an immersive theatrical experience on themes of: riot, protest, crowd psychology, and our longing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Many thanks to our hosts at the Institut Del Teatre and the Rebellious Subjects conference for making this workshop possible.



6-day Tiny Music workshop in Montreal

Core collaborators writer/composer Noah Drew, director Jamie Nesbitt, musical director Yawen Wang and sound designer Joe Browne were joined by 8 actors & musicians for a week of exploration into the project. During the week, we learned a huge amount about the story, the characters, the theatrical nature of the piece, and how best to integrate the live musical elements with the technological aspects of the sound design. We moved forward by two script drafts, reworked several songs, and had an excellent time collaborating together! On our last day, we presented a work-in-progress showing before a small invited audience, and received very positive, useful feedback. We are on track for our full production this February! Many thanks to Sandeep Bhagwati and the Matralab for hosting us.